Essay: Risks in Using Internet for Private Business

Essay: Risks in Using Internet for Private Business
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The use of the Internet poses significant risks to businesses that use it for their own purpose. Since any company’s server present on the Internet is a prime target of attackers, there is always the risk of security being compromised, which would result in a severe loss to the company, both financially and with regards to its position in the market (Stallings, 2008). Secondly, any attack of viruses or worm can cripple the whole company’s network and would take significant resources in terms of time and efforts in order to contain them (Cisco Systems, 2009).

This would also result in significant losses for the company. Another general risk associated with all these attacks is related to the difficulty in covering up all vulnerabilities in the operating system, applications or security devices. Since there is always a chance of a vulnerability being discovered, there is always a risk of a successful attack that would result in an attacker gaining access to the company’s internal network (NIST – Information Technology Lab, 2006). In the case study of ING provided, the company is facing similar risks and therefore there is an acute need of measure to be taken in order to deal with these risks. Furthermore, since ING’s brokers are using a web browser to access the services of ING with the help of an Applet, this poses a number of risks as well. The clients are not trained to have knowledge of security risks that are associated with their use of ING service. These risks include the uncontrolled use of web browser which would mean anybody can gain access to ING’s mainframe server to exploit it. Most often the method for authentication used on mainframes is a combination of username and password. Hence, if an attacker is able to obtain this information (by stealing or cracking) it would be very easy then to access ING’s confidential information, which was only meant to be seen by its brokers (Cisco Systems, 2009).

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