Essay: Robot made by Honda

Essay: Robot made by Honda
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Today man has succeeded in making robotic devices e.g. the robot made by Honda named as ‘ASIMO’ (Honda Motor Co. Ltd., 2009) can walk just as humans do and climb too. Asimo can do households, serve office guests, help the old people for getting them on and off their wheelchairs, and help the elder and young people in doing their work. This robot can also do dangerous tasks that human would be afraid of doing, that is disposing off the bomb, climbing high mountains and trees, or to jump in fire.

Asimo has sense of vision, touch, estimation of distance, size and space, environmental sense, sense of someone’s presence and his/her identification (HowStuffWorks, Inc, 2009). The other types of robots are also invented for specific functions like FIRST, Police Robots, Real Transformers, Radio Controlled Toys, Robot Armies, Robotic Surgery etc (HowStuffWorks, Inc., 2009).

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