Essay: Role of Charlize Theron in The Monster

Essay: Role of Charlize Theron in The Monster
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It was her desperation for money to support Selby, and her angriness towards men who used and abused her despite of being provided with the services promised. She committed these entire murders one after the other, each more atrocious than the previous, taking the victims money and cars after killing them. The only objective behind stealing money was to support herself and Selby, engage in drinking at bars and eating in big restaurants (Reynolds, 78).

Her offense was not to be spared and her intrinsic motive could not be understood. She was simply on the edge of harshness in the society which had compelled her to do wrong things for a better living and to make her love survive. Aileen was not insane, however she hallucinated and every time she would be anxious, she would smoke profusely. Her ulterior motives were perfectly portrayed by Charlize Theron so much so that one would finally sympathize with her.

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