Essay: Role of Individuals in the Seventh Samurai

Essay: Role of Individuals in the Seventh Samurai
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Individuals in the movie play a limited position, just like any other war demonstrates, unlike the movies that show superhuman heroes combating single handily among hundreds of adversaries. Samurai can be believed as superior in one-on-one fights which are short in duration and the decision is taken in not more than a couple of minutes, yet they fell deficient in terms of power when they are encountered with the bandits’ firearms. Victory as everyone is aware of is not a result of one man’s efforts, it is the achievement of collective endeavors and sacrifices that are given for the benefit of masses.

The movie Seven Samurai identifies its presence in several traditions. The director has reflected serene exposure instead of just instructing the actors and setting characters.

The movie lacks the 3D effects as of today’s concepts however it focuses the actors in a ‘profound spotlight’ camera method which keeps every character under the eye of the audience, irrespective of their distant position from the lens. Kurosawa seldom uses the alternatives of taking close up shots. He only takes them upon necessary requirement and particular motive. His fight sequences tend to be pragmatic and free from ambiguity. Kurosawa seeks the possibility to shoot all the seven samurai characters in a single shot. The shot is accentuated in the end where the survivors of the battle are pictured in the same shot as the graves of the deceased. He has also pictured the figures against the light in numerous instances (Berardinelli).

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