Essay: Role of Reputation in Othello

Essay: Role of Reputation in Othello
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Reputation plays an important role in the play Othello written by Shakespeare, the play Compleat Female Stage beauty written by Jeffrey Hatcher and the play Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller.


Iago’s reputation played a major role in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. Everybody considered Iago to be an honest man. “O, that’s an honest fellow”, “You advise me well… goodnight honest Iago” (Shakespeare, 2.3.326).  Iago induces everybody that he is dignified and a truthful man and he use this to benefit him.

Without this face, he would by no means have been capable of getting Othello to consider that Desdemona would deceive him. Just for signifying that Desdemona would deceive him (Othello), he possibly would have slated Iago were it not for his repute.

Othello’s reputation also plays a major position in this play and the result of it. He has the repute of no gibberish army officer. This position in fact partially causes Desdemona’s demise. He becomes so distressed that when he pays notice after hearing from Iago that Cassio and Desdemona and dishonest on him he becomes annoyed and wants to slay her. His repute doesn’t let him tackle her with the state of affairs and discuss things over to resolve the matter. He is also angry that his reputation would be stained when found out that he is a man whose wife was unfaithful.

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