Essay: Roman concept-Implications-New Testament

Essay: Roman concept-Implications-New Testament
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There are two implications and applications of the teaching of the cross to our lives today. In the verse 11 on the chapter 6, St. Paul elaborates the application of the power of the cross. Paul demonstrates a simple relative principle of applying the power of the cross.  This requires daily crucifixion of self, whereby we reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ according to Rom 6:11.

After the explanation of the doctrinal teaching of the cross that shows the implications of the death of Jesus on the cross to man kind. Therefore in order to enhance to grasp this doctrinal area of implication, there is a need to look on how to experientially apply this teaching of the cross to life of individuals. As dominantly exposed and expressed by St. Paul Christians  must call upon the power of the cross to combat temptations, root out strongholds of sin within us, and put on the new life in Christ (Robert 2006). But the vital and central part that is being emphasized by the apostle Paul, is the part of loving the work of the cross as a process that makes us to begin and end each of our days securely on the foundation of Christ’s death for us as our redemption plan.

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