Essay: Romans concept-New Testament

Essay: Romans concept-New Testament
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Before introduction of the concept of the cross in the book of Romans, Paul as a covenantal theologian in his letter to the Romans. He first introduces the concept of cross by giving the background of origin of sin in the Adam’s perspective, while giving the redemption plan through Jesus. In other words he puts it that death through Adam and life through Jesus.   After which he expresses the result of the death of Jesus on the cross as the redemption from sin; “you have been set free from sin and have become slave to righteousness” Rom 6:18.

The book of Romans written by St. Paul exclusively talks a bout the cross.  It is not to be forgotten when Paul; is speaking the word is speaking to the Romans who were not Jews in the first place (gentiles), highly learned  and is totally different socio cultural set up.  For instance in Roman culture the person who died on the cross meant no body and nothing. Therefore Paul had to really convince them the salvations that are brought about through the cross.  Due to the importance of cross ion the Roman Empire, its importance is evident even to the Roman Catholic Church liturgy. For instance Romans chapter six is used on various functions and occasions (Robert 2006).

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