Essay: Safeguarding the wellbeing of each other

Essay: Safeguarding the wellbeing of each other
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This interaction strengthens the social systems in a state such that every individual person feels obligated in safeguarding the well-being of the other person next to him/her. This fire spreads across the social stream where every person sees the value of defending common good. The communities realize that they need one another and have a duty towards one another.

This understanding is very vital in the measures put in place in dealing with lawlessness. Policing of whatever kind should base itself on this fundamental fact. Again, this re-emphasizes the observation above that the relationship between police and the crowds can be an amicable one. This makes it possible to have a community policing with ‘knowledge-based’ policing. This shift is only feasible if it is grounded on this fact, that a crowd can unite and observe common good within the framework of the set laws in the penal code. This social responsibility consciousness becomes a major instrument in the orchestration of a responsible and law-abiding community.

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