Essay: Should the sale of Human Organs be legalized

Essay: Should the sale of Human Organs be legalized
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Human Organ Business

In my personal opinion, the business of human organs is however considered as illegal, yet a large number of people believe that they have the right to sell their body parts and have an ethical point of view in this regard, that states the issue of their freedom connected to their being. However doing the business of such a nature is simply unethical, since the donor himself should be the best interested and responsible person in this regard.

Human organ sales have been grown drastically in the recent books and journals that recorded the activity as illegal means of earning money. The purpose of such a business is the highest prices paid against human organs that make them useful yet precious for the needy patients however legalization may reduce black-marketing and underground sales activities of such (Weisenthal).

According to Jeff Jacoby, a writer at The Boston Globe’s, notes down that the Steve Jobs liver transplantation, and the reality that he may have placed his name on the record of numerous states in sequence to make sure highest probability of getting a liver, is a prompt that how dreadfully wrecked and non-practical this existing structure is….

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