Essay: Sale of Human Organs

Essay: Sale of Human Organs
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Every human being has the right to sell his/her own organs since every individual is the property of his oneself. The organ-transplant misfortune at UC Irvine Medical Center, where approximately 35 people deceased due to their awaited transplants of liver, since the hospital deliberately refused to provide organs that perhaps would have given them life. This shows the dreadful circumstances confronted by those patients. These patients were prohibited by law to acquire the organs they urgently looked for.

Around 90,000 of the patients have registered themselves for the requirement of their respected organs in the US. 90 percent of them are waiting for kidneys and livers of which 6000 will expire in the following time. Legalization of this trade in organs might be the best practice to save so many people yet no one is interested in taking this into account seriously (Holcberg).

Most Americans are willing towards the donation of organs that patients require and they confirm their willingness by signing donation cards. But only a small number of them prepared the necessary legal measures that their organs can be utilized after their demise. Many of them are willing to do the same in exchange to money that is supposed to be provided to their families. It could be assumed as a kind of life insurance, creating a successful, communally agreed condition.

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