Essay: Sampling and issues involved in sampling

Essay: Sampling and issues involved in sampling
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The sample used for the study is ‘large and diverse’ so that to disentangle ‘the independent effects of economic status from reasons for father custody on father’s perception of their role in life as single parents’ (Risman, 1986, p.97). One hundred and forteen single fathers were selected as a sample. The researcher announces in the discussion of methodology that she has avoided ‘sampling’ and therefore ‘only the respondents who were identifiable via social serice agencies or parenting associations’ were included as the target to whom the questionnaire were distributed (Risman, 1986, p.97). The questionnaire was distributed among two hundred eighty one single fathers and one hundred forty one returned the survey. The criteria for sample selection is not stated by the researcher but she reports that ‘ninty per cent of the single fathers in the study were white’ (Risman, 1986, p.98).

The researcher first discusses the data collection techniques and then the ‘resultant sample characteristics’ (Risman, 1986, p.97). The researcher announces that the sampling was avoided as only the ‘respondents who were identifiable’ through social service agencies or parenting associations were used as the participants.The press releases were distributed to Washington state and national media. Among the 281only 141 returned the questionnaires of the survey.

When the researcher reports that 90% of the participants were white, the authenticity of the sampling tends to undermine. The reason for dissatisfaction over the sampling is that the black and brown community is not a minority anymore and when their large population is ignored in the study the findings become vulnerable to criticism.

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