Essay: Sasser Computer Worm

Essay: Sasser Computer Worm
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The third was the Sasser computer worm. First noticed in April of 2004, it functioned by exploiting a vulnerability in windows that allowed it to jump from system to system without any input from the user. It would not only infect the computer system of Delta airlines causing them to cancel several flights. But also cause the insurance company If and their parent company Sampo bank to close down 130 offices.

The fourth was the MyDoom virus which emerged in 2004. It still holds the record for the fastest spreading e-mail worm. It infected an estimated one million computers around the world, making resources unavailable through a denial of service attack.

The last is the Netsky virus again released in 2004. It again is a mass emailing worm and was still the most prevalent virus in the world in 2006 despite being 2 and half years old. It hides by renaming itself as one of the computers common files.

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