Essay: Satellite Communication

Essay: Satellite Communication
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Organizations use satellite connections to connection their offices which are geographically separated. Satellite connections have a larger than the conventional network connections, due to the fact that satellites could be located thousands of miles always from the earth surface. Hence specially modified forms of security and encryption protocols are used to secure satellite connections. However, above the Physical and MAC layer, satellite connections can be treated as conventional connection hence all protocols that can be applied to conventional network can be applied to them as well (Kartalopoulos, 2009).

Other Communication Media

Other communication media that can be used include fiber optics connection. In Optical connections, the security is a relatively new issue that affects the Quality of Service of the link. It is therefore important to secure the connection link physically. For encryption purpose, several proprietary encryption algorithms have been developed by equipment manufacturers, which are used to provide security even if an optical connection is physically compromised (Kartalopoulos, 2009).

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