The Essay of Savage

The Essay of Savage
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Savage mainly relies on using newspaper sources as well as letters. The newspaper sources help to understand the history of the events at the very time when the things were happening. As he quotes the ‘Illustrated London News’ because the ‘press continued full of alarm and patriotic posturing’ and helped to kindle the emotions of the British public (Savage 113). He uses more than ten sources from newspaper. The essay of Savage starts with the description by ‘morning papers in London’ (Savage 111).

The rebellion created ‘a deep crisis in the consciousness of the British people about their own identity and their own place in the world’ (Savage 111).  Letters and newspapers reflected the emotions of the Britain’s. Letters of Charles Kingsley and Alexander Duff are some of the instances.

Savage uses the word ‘rebellion’ for the ‘mutiny’ of 1857 and he himself admits that the word ‘rebellion’ has evoke controversy and where the British would call it ‘mutiny’ and the Indian Nationalists would call it the ‘war of independence’, the ‘modern scholars call it ‘rebellion’ (Savage 124). Thus Savage takes the side of the modern scholars in order to sound more neutral and objective.

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