Essay: School Lunch Suppliers

Essay: School Lunch Suppliers
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The children would have to face the consequences of consuming unhealthy food in the form of multifarious diseases as well as short life that is awaiting them. ‘The U.S. Department of Agriculture’ has ‘pledged to ‘review the safety records of its school lunch suppliers’ (Falkenstein, 2010). The results of consuming unhealthful food are obvious to a common person as they result in various diseases and weakens the immune system of the children.

The educational institutions, particularly elementary and high school, must give acute importance to the food that is available to the children at their schools because ‘schools have an obligation to serve good food’ to the children which ‘meets the nutritional standars’ (Kennedy & Quick, 2003). Moreover the cafeterias must be examined frequently to make sure whether the food meets the quality standard as par to the children. The government may have spent money on various projects to improve the condition of food at schools but there is much to be done.

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