Essay: Scope of strategic planning and time frame

Essay: Scope of strategic planning and time frame
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There are many pieces of evidence that intuitive way of making decisions on the part of managers is misleading (Druzdzel & Flynn, 2002). The rate of erroneous decisions increased with the increase in the number of variable and complexities (Druzdzel & Flynn, 2002). ICT proved a very valuable tool in this respect. Strategic planning tools like Decision support system (DSS) and executive decision support systems (EDSS) are now widely used as an assistant in the modern world in making the complex and important managerial decisions (Druzdzel & Flynn, 2002).  DSS and ESS are the knowledge-based systems that help the senior and strategic level managers to make organizational decisions with much more accuracy and long time horizon (Druzdzel & Flynn, 2002). Agility and responsiveness of technology-driven organizations of this information age have increased many folds because of high-speed networks and intelligent computer systems (Gehani, 1998).

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In this era of cyber communication, very robust organizational communication infrastructure enabled the companies to act as small while being large. Advancement in the field of data communication helped the companies to communicate in many directions often with multiple parties (Gehani, 1998). One important impact of these advancements is that the traditional shapes of command and control structure have changed significantly which made many layers of middle managers useless and redundant (Gehani, 1998). That’s why; modern organizations have few layers of management as compared to ancestors. Because of modernization of ICT, decision-making structure of organizations has become decentralized to a greater extent, which provides the front line managers more powerful of making decisions. These managers now, have access to timely and high-quality information produced by the management information system (MIS), which enabled them to know the customer’s requirements, the information about prevailing trends and possible changes and their impacts on the organization’s plans etc (Gehani, 1998). The practice of virtual and cross-functional teams from different departments to solve complex problems is also getting popular.  These cross-functional teams are the extension of a suggestion system developed in 1898 by the Eastman Kodak company (Gehani, 1998). Modern cross functional teams also come up with different innovative ideas which are converted into reality by allocating the needed resources to them. If the newly developed products are successful in the market, the company can sell the technology to other companies or can continue with this new product, which provides another source of revenue stream. The Apple computers and the Google are among the 100 most innovative companies of the world in 2009 (Businessweek, 2009).  Rapid generation of new products is the backbone of many companies to survive in this cut-throat competition. This system of continuously developing the new products is the secret behind that keeps the companies agile in this idea age (Gehani, 1998) and ultimately enhances the competitiveness of organization (Davis & chase, 2003).

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