Essay: Seattle Police Department

Essay: Seattle Police Department
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Sample Essay

1. A. Who (name and title) is the C.E.O. (Chief, Director, Sheriff, etc.).

B. Is he elected or appointed.

C. If appointed, by whom AND for how long? OR If elected, how long is the term?

The head of the Seattle Police Department is John Diaz. He has been appointed by the Mayor of Seattle on temporary basis. The term of a permanent Chief’s appointment is 5 years (Seattle Police Department).

2. A. Main function AND responsibilities of the law enforcement (policing) agency. (Do not answer ONLY “law enforcement” or “policing, elaborate, for example includes traffic control for FHP, marine law enf. issues for Florida Marine Patrol, or Comm. Policing, crime related responsibilities, responsibilities to the public, etc. Basically, “what do they do?”

B. Type of agency: State, County, or Municipal (City).

The Seattle Police Department is responsible for prevention of crimes and violence, community welfare activities as well as taking care of the traffic conditions and pedestrian movement in the city of Seattle. The Seattle Police Department is a Municipal level agency (Seattle Police Department).

3. A. What Accreditations does the agency have? (Titles of the State or National Accreditations) (Do not just say State or National-write the title)

B. What year was the agency first accredited?

The Seattle Police Department has been accredited nationally by Commission for Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The department first received its accreditation in November of 2003 (Seattle Police Department).

4. A. Sworn personnel staffing number (How many sworn officers are there? – Do not give a phone number .i.e. MBPD has 382 sworn people working.

B. Civilian personnel staffing number- How many civilian personnel are there- for example MBPD has approx. 249.

The number of sworn personnel staff in the Seattle Police Department is 1,277. There are also 532.75 civilian personnel as well that serve in the Seattle Police (Seattle Police Department).

5. Diversity. A. Provide the sworn personnel diversity total percentage? (Example:

68% of the xxx agency or Dept. is classified as a minority.

B. List either how many (actual number) or the percent that are white, African American, Asian, Hispanic or Latin, other, etc.

The Seattle Police Department sworn personnel force is made up a force which has 24% minorities. The force is composed of 76% Whites, 9% Black Americans, 5% Hispanics, 8% Asians and 2% Indian origin individuals (Seattle Police Department).

6. Jurisdiction information (include ALL: square miles?, population?, type of areas and approx. percentage of each , i.e. residential 35%, business 65%, also type of community policed, i.e. tourist, seniors, etc.)

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