Essay: Security and Patch Availability in MS Office Suite

Essay: Security and Patch Availability in MS Office Suite
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MS Office

Being popular software, MS Office gets reported for a lot of bugs and security loopholes. However, Microsoft is quick to release patches for which users are informed either through email or through Windows Update Tool notifications (Microsoft Corporation).

Being free software, also gets a lot of bugs discovered in it. However, a strong internet community presence on the Internet makes sure, that patches for such bugs are available as quickly as possible while constantly revising the software for updates. However, the only way the user is informed is through newsletter and it requires the updates to be downloaded and installed manually which can be troublesome for busy users of the product (

Google Apps

The best feature of Google Apps is that its user has a lot less to worry about fixing bugs and security loopholes. Since Google Apps requires JAVA, the only update that is required is the update of Java Virtual Machine on the user’s PC, which can be set to automatic to make it hassle free. All other aspects of bugs are taken care of by Google (Strickland).

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