Essay: Security Issues in Outsourcing

Essay: Security Issues in Outsourcing
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Outsourcing refers to the process of sub-contracting a process or part of the process to a third party. In the recent past, outsourcing gained a lot of popularity, was touted as a solution that was cost-effective, allowed businesses to focus on core processes as reduce time to market for a product.

These advantages of outsourcing still exist today. However, outsourcing to third world companies has given rise to a number of issues which have made the companies weigh the advantages offered by outsourcing a process with the issues that arise afterward and their implications. These issues include the lower level of the quality of service due to language issues, damage to the local job market as well as the information security and privacy issues. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the security issues found of outsourcing. It also details the consideration that companies should make when sub-contracting a task as well a survey which represents a change in how outsourcing is used.

Security Issues in Outsourcing

One of the factors that play a major role in the decision of outsourcing of tasks to third world countries is the cost. The third party outsourcing companies offer cheap and specialized solutions to perform non-essential tasks for an organization with a promise of excellent return. However, over the years a number of concerns have been developed regarding the quality of the service that the outsourcing companies provide and well as the security of the information that they possess for providing those services. These concerns can be better understood by getting an understanding of how security in outsourcing differs from other security issues. Every business organization takes priority in protecting the important and confidential information that it holds within itself but enforcing strict security policy whose purpose is to prevent the sharing of this information with other companies. The concept of Outsourcing a task, on the other hand, is built around the idea of sharing of important or confidential information with the company that the task has been outsourced to. This requires the company outsourcing the task (Employer) to focus especially on how information privacy and security will be maintained within the outsourcing service provider company (Service Provider).

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