Essay: Segmentation of the UK Smartphone Market

Essay: Segmentation of the UK Smartphone Market
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Markets can be segmented along various bases. These include the psychographic basis, the geographic basis, the demographic basis, the benefit sought basis and the behavioural basis. Demographic segmentation is based on population characteristics such as age, income, occupation, and gender (Wrenn et al, 2006). While not specifically used for the UK markets, consumption patterns in the UK suggest that it could be a valid basis for market segmentation. For example, Rebecca (2011) shows that various smartphones brands are more popular in specific geographical locations but not in others, a good example being the iPhone whose ownership is extremely high in London but low in other geographical locales.

Age is also another valid demographic basis of segmentation, with certain smartphone brands being very popular with certain age groups but not with others. For example, the Android is extremely popular with the youthful segment of the markets, and in the 25-34 age group, its rate of adoption is even much higher than the national smartphone adoption rates (Rebecca, 2011).

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