Essay: Is Selling Body Parts Rational

Essay: Is Selling Body Parts Rational
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Selling their parts after their own death is still not irrational. Since the parts can work properly and they are of no use anymore, so they can be actually taken for someone else, whether they are pre-stated by the deceased itself as to be donated or whether the family of the deceased allow it in exchange with money.

Ultimately this kind of procedure can help the patients and thus the rising number of patients waiting for their turn to get the part, will go down significantly and the families would earn a bit of money for their living. Secular adoption of this issue is taken diversely in various regions of the globe. Various people say that it is unpractical and biased of the government and families to refuse to sell and others believe that it should be legalized in all the cases. Since the legalization may result in the decrease of deaths at the end of the day  (Ardell).

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