Essay: Sen’s Conceptualization of Globalization

Essay: Sen’s Conceptualization of Globalization
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Therefore Sen’s conceptualization of Globalization is much of an account of America’s rights towards others in the midst of the present crisis due to global terrorism. Similarly, Sen furthermore does not evaluate America’s unfair significant immorality, most bluntly articulated in annihilating Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic powers and its military interference and coups backed by CIA in various parts of parts of Latin America along with most of the Muslim civilization.

Currently, this agreement is facing a catastrophe of authority due to much dishonored fiscal schema of international authority leaders in the countenance of an enormous economic catastrophe in the western part of the world.

In this framework, Sen as one of the appreciated community thinkers of our instance discontinue diminutive of counseling the imperialist authority coalition to change itself, and not to replicate its inaccuracies and its injustice to humanity in the past.

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