Essay: Analysis of Sequence of Gladiator

Essay: Analysis of Sequence of Gladiator
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This essay analyses sequence of Gladiator.

The scene that has been selected for the analysis is the first scene of the movie in which the roman forces went head to head against the German barbarians.

The environment in which the scene has been shot is dark and gloomy although it can be assumed that it’s early morning and dawn is near. The battle field is filled with trees and bushes where as the characters are depicted vicious and cruel.

The scene is done very well, but there was one deficiency that was found which was the lack of German horde. The major significance of this scene is that after the battle the emperor announces Maximus as his successor. The scene starts with the close short of Maximus, who is reviewing the forces before the start of the battle. There is a small smile on the face of the confident and energetic general. A smile of believe and trust on the roman forces. The scene then move forward and the next step is marching and aligning the troops. The emperor has also been shown in the scene, he seems a bit tense. The charismatic personality of Maximus can be judged from the fact that when he is walking through the forces there is a smile on the faces of the force as if they have got faith in their general. The general then walks through the forces towards the 2nd in command general to take the briefing about the battlefield. The 2nd in command general orders the forces to move the cannibals forwards but the confident general replies to him and says that the range of the cannibals are good enough. A very famous and motivating slogan that has been used in this sequence by Maximus to lift the spirits of the forces is “Strength and Honor”. If we analyze this slogan it means strength with power honor in the context of dignity.

The general then leaves the scene and is moving toward another battle position. While moving he gives an order to his 2nd in command which is “At my signal unleash hell” the meaning of this sentence would be getting clear in the next scenes. After that Maximus moves towards another location from where he is leading the cavalry.

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