Essay: Services Offered by OnStar

Essay: Services Offered by OnStar
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OnStar offers a number of services to its subscriber which include safety, emergency, guidance and communication services. These include Automatic Crash Response in which the installed vehicle sensors automatically alert an OnStar advisor while also relaying critical details to them. This request and information are then used by the advisor to immediately contact the subscriber from which the request initiated in order to assess the situation and get a response from the person inside the car.

In the case of an emergency or no response, the advisor then alerts the local emergency responder by locating the position of the crashed vehicle through GPS and also forwards the information to them. The OnStar vehicles are also installed with an OnStar panel on the dashboard which contains different buttons. One of such buttons is the Emergency button which allows an OnStar Subscriber to contact the Emergency Advisor on a priority basis. The Emergency Advisor then assesses the situation and directs the subscriber on various types of emergencies (such as Poison Control) and stays online until the help arrives.

By pressing the other two buttons (Red or Blue OnStar) the subscriber can get in contact with a specially trained Crisis Advisor service 24 hours a day. It provides a central point of contact, support and relevant information in case a crisis has occurred in the subscriber area. Through this service, a subscriber can get information on evacuation routes, emergency services through pinpointing location via GPS, communication services to other vehicles as well information on emergency shelter and rationing points for the area.

OnStar also offers service to remote unlock vehicle as well as remote flashing of lights and horn. For this purpose, the subscriber is given a toll-free number through which he or she may contact OnStar obtain assistance. These services become invaluable in instances where the car keys are forgotten inside a locked car or finding the vehicle among large parking areas is difficult. One of the main features of OnStar service is the Turn-by-Turn navigation service. This allows for a subscriber to get direction to a destination based on the current traffic and road information.

The subscriber gets into contact with an OnStar subscriber by pressing the blue OnStar button, which sends the directions to vehicle’s navigation system for guiding the subscriber through the whole route via audio and visual instructions. Other services include Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, through which a number of diagnostic and maintenance checks are run on subscribers’ vehicle and reports are sent via email on monthly basis to each of the subscribers. This allows the customer to remain aware of the conditions of critical systems of his/her cars such as Engine and Transmission Systems, Emissions System, Stability Control System, Antilock Braking System as well as Air Bag System. The Hands-free/Voice Activated Calling service allow for interaction with the vehicle and communicate with other people. Through this service, the subscriber can communicate while still concentrating on the driving by keeping the hands on the steering wheel. In addition, current vehicles equipped with OnStar systems are also enabled with stolen vehicle slow down and ignition block features.

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