Essay: Sexual Content Exposed to the Youth on Media

Essay: Sexual Content Exposed to the Youth on Media
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The subject discussed over here, can be a result of early sexual excitement. Early maturity of girls in the modern society is considerable. The fast moving life and media relaxation has given rise to such content that can arouse the desires of the human nature. The modern fashion styles of dresses are also revealing enough to attract the attention and eventually indulging into sexual activity. Evidence is visible that the amount of sexual content exposed to the youth minds on television basically contours the sexual behavior and attitude in such a manner that makes them liable to reproductive health outcomes. There is still no practical analysis that can examine the association between the television content coverage and teenage pregnancy.

However the data provided here is specifically collected to analyze the input of television, broadcasting content which is eligible to arouse the excitements and motions that leads to activities resulting pregnancy. Data has been collected from the means of survey between the ages from 12 to 17 years and these teens are observed critically for a long period of 3 years until the age gets mature up to 15 to 20 years. This tested the issue that whether the sexual content forecasted successive pregnancy occurrence for girls or it increased in boys as being held responsible for sexual act. The survey and observing criteria critically presented the abundance of teen pregnancy by means of television sexual content exposure. Teens who were dealt with by higher levels of content were twice the number of people who were likely to attain a pregnancy in the past 3 year period, comparable to those who got a lowered amount of exposure of sexual substance.

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