Essay: Shakespeare’s Contribution to Plays

Essay: Shakespeare’s Contribution to Plays
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In the sixteenth century, Shakespeare revolutionized the dramatic spirit, creating plays that could evoke raw emotions within the audience at the drop of a hat. He used techniques that were essentially far beyond his time, using natural light and playing on words to serve his purpose, where sound effects and dramatic surreal depictions elevated the status of his plays monumental levels.

Welles, in his adaptation of the War of the Worlds and a fan of Shakespeare, is seen to have used the same tools to draw out intense emotions from his listeners, and for a period of time, create an aura of powerful mass hysteria and panic. As Richard France states, ‘he created for his audience the same kind of tension and- and overwhelming dread that Shakespeare’s audience had when it saw the original production’. Like a maestro controlling an orchestra, every moment was finely tuned and timed, to assure that the result was immense in its intensity, playing on human fears, using sensory tools of sound and description; this created a deceptive reality, not only to confuse people but to use that confusion to empower them. As Peter Bogdanovich stated in the documentary, “He held the pause.Everybody was waiting for him.He was actually directing it from the floor.” (Battle over Citizen Kane)

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