Essay: Analysis of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 59

Essay: Analysis of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 59
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This essay analyses Shakespeare Sonnet 59.


William Shakespeare, probably the world’s most renowned English poet and playwright from the late 16th century, was born in 1564 and died in 1616. The sonnet in question, no. 59, is part of one of his most acknowledged works entitled Sonnets in 1609, which was a compilation of 154 sonnets one of the most revered in non-dramatic literary prose.

Shakespeare thrived on riddling his compositions with puns and innuendos, inspired by his personal life and the historical perspective around him, prompting the reader to engage in deep thoughts about his actual intentions. The same articulacy can be seen in sonnet no. 59, the literal interpretation of which points at the unoriginality of men, who yearn to produce newer things with what they already have, thereby creating a paradox suggesting that nothing truly original can ever be created. However, it is the figurative interpretations that vary extensively from reader to reader and it is those that will be explored to unearth Shakespeare’s hidden connotations, with the help of a single diction.

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