Essay: Shifting from dependence to independence

Essay: Shifting from dependence to independence
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The first three habits described by Covey are regarding self-awareness. They are about shifting from dependence to independence. The first habit described in this book is about being proactive. It is about becoming self-aware. The main idea of this habit is to understand the fact that our life is shaped by the decisions we take therefore we must be responsible for our own decisions.

To be proactive means to be aware of one’s own behavior. According to Covey, we control our own lives and if we think that we are being controlled, this is because we let other factors, by our own conscious decisions, control our lives and we must admit this fact. Proactive people are not affected by the way they are treated by their surroundings. They feel good only because it is their own choice and if they even feel bad, it is also their own choice. Proactive people do not need their social surroundings to make them feel good or bad. On the other hand, reactive people are those who are affected by their surroundings. They do not understand the significance of their own decisions and they just delegate this authority to their social surroundings.

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