Essay: Should Drugs for World Class Athletes Be Legal

Essay: Should Drugs for World Class Athletes Be Legal
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Though the creed of the Olympics clearly states its noble goal that “The important thing in the Games in not winning but taking part”, it has little to do with the reality of the modern sports. Today, athletes are rewarded handsomely for winning at virtually all levels of competition and second place is often viewed as “The first in losers”. As the reality stands, it is not astonishing to expect the athletes to risk a great deal in order to obtain a performance which could guarantee them win at all costs.

Hence there has been a trend of usage of performance enhancement drugs among the Athletes, which has now become a major medical, ethical and legal problem for not only athletes of today but also the athletic organizations which support them. A major reason for this use is the amount of money that is associated with the winning in the sports world of today.  Athletic performance can be enhanced by using various diets, training routines and through hard work. However, a much easier way to achieve it is through the used of a variety of mechanical, physiological and pharmacological techniques which are often illegal. Today’s almost all sports are marred by the dilemma of cheating through the use of illegal performance enhancers and often cases are reported where athletes from around the world are caught and ripped off their titles for using such medicines. The use of medicines has not been only to enhance the performance of the medicines. At times, it has also allowed the athlete to compete in games by raising their pain threshold. However, there have been several cases as well in which the athlete was charged with using performance enhancers, while in fact the athlete was either taking a legal drug or a drug which did not enhance any performance (Waddington, & Smith, 2009). The purpose of this paper is to argue that lesser penalties should be charge on athlete who either use legal drugs or use drugs that does not enhance performance .

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