Essay: SHRM at Standard Chartered

Essay: SHRM at Standard Chartered
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The bank is spread across 50 countries around the world with 60,000 employees with 100 different nationalities. The bank is fighting for a limited pool of talent which has led it to implement the talent management programme which will help achieve the organizational aim strategically and this is a good example of strategic human resource management. The talent management programme at Standard Chartered does abide by this feature of SHRM since their programme aims to achieve the organizational aims and policies effectively. This limited pool of talent aims to achieve a leadership capacity in order to have a significant workforce.

The programme will help appraise the performance of all managers since the bank needs good managers who can motivate the staff and kinder excellent performance in all. This will help to identify talent and retain the best or even train and improve the rest. Leadership is essential for any organization and this being the aim of the bank it shows their talent management programme fits with the first feature of SHRM. It has been twenty years since Meindl, Ehrlich and Dukerich observed in their provocative article ‘The Romance of Leadership’: ‘it has become apparent that, after years of trying, we have been unable to generate an understanding of leadership that is both intellectually compelling and intellectually satisfying (1985.p. 78). Two decades on it would seem an opportune time to take stock of this diffuse and ubiquitous field by examining the diverse arguments and analyses of leadership processes that have emerged during the intervening period.

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