Essay on The sick computer

Essay on The sick computer
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The creation of computers has changed our lives for better and worst. Along with the unstoppable enhancements, it has introduced in our lives, it has brought many disadvantages in our lives alongside. One of the major issues it has derived is the attack of virus in personal computers. There has not been a single computer that has not been harmed and manifested by viruses. The virus makes the computer sick, it stops it from working.

There are hundreds of viruses, some which can and cannot be defeated. They appear in different ways, such as in the form of messages or a picture on the screen etc. Some viruses have the capacity to delete all your hard disk, that it may become extremely hard to get those images back. These viruses are made by deviant individuals, who do not hold the idea of helping people out. The idea of creating viruses is to damage computers or programs for cruel purposes or no purpose at all.

Computer viruses can reproduce and replicate the first virus which as discovered to perform such an action was found in United States of America 1983. Furthermore, you can get a virus from an infected computer by using a disk. Viruses can be easily passed down every since the invention of USBs and the Internet. The spread of these viruses has become far faster than in the previous era.

Since the computers have become more advanced it has the power to hold secret information at a larger capacity, hackers are determined to code break governments and businesses computers to gain access to top-secret information.

Beware you can catch a virus from the Internet! A Trojan horse is a virus hidden in any type of computer software. The most common place to find this virus is in shareware games available on the Internet or free disks. It can erase all of the information on your hard disk.

Free software programs are available on the Internet to cure your computer of viruses. However, not many of them can be trusted; you have to be very careful when you download these programs. You can also buy software programs that check your computer and disks for any kind of viruses.  They are called anti-virus or disinfectant programs.

On the other hand, the millennium bug can create a serious effect on our lives. Computers across globe contain crucial information and records. If the millennium bug is not fixed, the computer or computers will shut down or crash. The millennium bug will make it impossible for your information to be retrieved.

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