Essay: Side effects of the medicines used for flu

Essay: Side effects of the medicines used for flu
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  1. People who receive the vaccine shot and complain of headaches and high fever argue that these pains are prolonged (Cohen et al, 2010). It is also argued that ibuprofen lessens the fever and headaches, my question is, does it mean that such symptoms will last forever?
  2. How effective if the vaccine because I have heard of case in which a person received the vaccine shot and after a month, he has a very miserable flu that lasted for days? I ask this because I thought the vaccine should prevent people from contradicting the disease.

I am wondering how preparation is preventing the flu is done bearing in mind that the virus keeps on changing? I base this on the possibility that the government of other organizations can offer vaccine shots to prevent swine flu while the outbreak proves to be Spanish flu or does it mean that different flu viruses can be prevented using the same vaccine?

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