Essay: Side effects of playing Video Games

Essay: Side effects of playing Video Games
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Before we go into the problems with online gaming it is first important to know the psychological side effects of video games. Although there have been studies that have shown the positive effects of video games. The negative effects are also quite apparent. A study from 2003 linked the playing of violent video games to aggressive behavior in adolescents. The same study showed that those individuals with greater exposure to such video games showed poorer performance in education and were more likely to have arguments with their teachers and were generally more hostile and likely to be involved in physical altercations (Gentile, Lynchb and Linderc).

Another study which attempted to link television and video games to childhood obesity found that the increase in the children’s body mass index was not related to television rather it was directly related to video games. They also found that children who played video games were also less likely to have a physical lifestyle (Vandewater, Shim and Caplovitz).

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