Essay: Significance of Food Festivals

Essay: Significance of Food Festivals
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Food is the centre point of all human activity. The significance of food in the world has led to a food heritage movement that is supported by food museums that focus on what the world eats. Ethnicity and nationality can be determined by food since every nation has their own specialty in food. The various festivals of religions are also distinguished with food. For e.g. Easter eggs for Easter which is a Christian religious festival.

Eggs had gained a significant importance in relation to religion and rituals. The Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Gauls etc used to give eggs to each other during spring equinox as a customer and this has been taken from early Christianity in relation to the miracle of resurrection. Eggs are considered to be the ancient fertility symbol. In Scotland people used to give each other eggs on 1 May in Beltan rites or bannocks. Easter eggs have always been colored and this is an ancient custom used by the Persians who colored the eggs with the colors of the field and even in Scotland people used to color their eggs. Similarly, Hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday after breaking a fast by Christians (Jango, 2005).

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