Essay: Significance of Globalization of Information Technology

Essay: Significance of Globalization of Information Technology
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The significance of globalization of information technology can be determined by knowing about benefits the businesses and organizations are getting from globalization of IT. Multinational companies can carry out decisions for their organization only if they know well about international trends regarding every aspect of business. This is the reason information managers of such organization are well acquainted with every details of document and knowledge management experts, and records management as well (Muthyala, 2008).

If a company claims itself as a global organization then it must have global clients all over demanding for global products. Using information technology, the basic advantage an organization gets is cost affectivity in conventional input factors such as labor, raw material, and business market. The networks and communication protocols provide multinationals with worldwide coverage and real time services. Client’s orders can be placed anywhere and anytime without any distance barriers. This is also a possibility that the place where order is fulfilled is never known by customers. Therefore the businesses which are functional in global markets can be free from time and space barriers (Muthyala, 2008).

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