Essay: Simple Laws of Nature

Essay: Simple Laws of Nature
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Appreciation the simple laws of nature and creating a survival of the fittest is another stark reality of life and thus results in leading a meaningful life. Nature insists that it is all a game of power and simply only the strong will survive. Humans have a tendency to define, gauge and control their lives according to their own desires. However, they are unable to manipulate their heart and feelings which are but a natural phenomenon. While rereading Homers Odyssey it came to me that these sagas were not only bright, initial mythologies of ancient Greek, they were as well religious teachings, images of the intrinsic life.

Read at its most basic level, the Odyssey recounts Odysseus’s struggles to get back to his local island of Ithaca after ten years of fighting at Troy. “He’s plotting a way to journey home at last; he’s never at a loss.” (Homer, 1: l. 237) It appears to be a highly particularized account of one warrior’s struggles and sufferings to achieve a normal and happy life with his family. “[W]e have still not reached the end of our trials.  One more labor lies in store—boundless, laden with danger, great and long, and I must brave it out from start to finish.” (Homer, 23:ll. 282-285)

The Odyssey teaches its readers, if not its characters, that life, like the one presented in Homer assigns Odysseus, is much turning in both its complexity and in its variations. Although the choices human beings face are essentially only two, to act or not to act, the positive force of ambition which causes people to strive often impels them to destroy a goal once obtained and lose focus on finding a purpose or meaning to their lives.

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