Essay: Single Fathers

Essay: Single Fathers
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The researcher does not state the limitations of the study neither she leaves any space for the critics to identify the limitations as she states the implications of her results as well (Risman, 1986, p.101-102). Rather the researcher ends the study with an optimist note that ‘the research presented here should reassure’ single fathers that ‘mothering is not an exclusively female skill’ (Risman, 1986, p.102).

Personal Opinion

By reviewing the article a very interesting point comes to light, which is one of the findings of the researcher as well, that the role of single fathers is as important as that of single mothers. The government of the U.S has often announced various programs to support the single mothers but single fathers are subsided in the discussion of the parenthood although single fathers can perform the dual role of a father and of a mother while nourishing the child.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Although the researcher attempts successfully to address the issues raised in the beginning of the research, the study is not complete in its entirety as the sampling criterion is ambiguous. Moreover the analysis of data does not cover all the concerns. If the completeness of the study is analyzed in terms of the research concepts, it comes to light that the few concepts discussed in the study, e.g. individualist theory and structuralist theory, are defined comprehensively. The researcher identifies ‘a major weakness’ in the past research as most researches have been ‘exploratory’ with small and ‘homogenous samples’ (Risman, 1986, p.97). She identifies further that the previous ‘American study’ lacks a ‘large and diverse sample’ which she used in her study (Risman, 1986, p.97).

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