Essay: Six Sigma

Essay: Six Sigma
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In an attempt to improve business organizations have often made attempts to improve their business by adapting new practices, implementing new technologies and constantly improving the quality of the processes that exist within their business. One of such approach to improving the quality of business is Business Process Improvement (Hayler and  Nichols 2005). Business Process Improvement refers to a methodology that is used to bring about improvement in administrative and other processes which are considered important for a business. The efforts that are made as part of a Business Process Improvement focus around defining, understanding and improving the flow of activities within all major processes within a business and brings about significant improvement in cost reduction, cycle time as well as rate of errors (TQM International 1994).


The goal of this research will be to investigate the role of Six Sigma in improving the business processes of a country level organization. The case study of implementation of Six Sigma at Motorola Inc. will be used for this purpose.

Significance of the Research

The research is of particular importance to me because of my interest in the manufacturing industry. Of particular interest to me are the techniques for process improvement as I consider them important in making a business successful. This research will also be significant to the research industry because it will make a contribution toward the available literature dealing specifically with the improvement that implementation of six sigma brings to medium and large organization operating business on a domestic scale. It significance is further improved by the fact that a real life example of implementation of Six Sigma will be discussed in this research  (Ogden and Goldberg  2002).

Scope of the Research

The scope of this project is limited to country level organization only. This has been done in order to keep the research focused and to make it comprehensive by keeping within the limits of available resources such as time and budget.

Literature Review

One of the most widely used approaches for Business Process Improvement is Six Sigma. Pande and Holpp have defined Six Sigma as a smarter way to manage business. The drive behind Six Sigma is to put the customer first and make use of the facts and data to make better solutions. It focuses around three main areas which are improvement of customer satisfaction, reducing the cycle time of a process as well as improving the quality of the end product that is gained from a process (Pyzdek  2003).

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