Essay: Skills of Leadership in the Field of Nursing

Essay: Skills of Leadership in the Field of Nursing
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This paper is going to explore to the skills of leadership in the field of nursing and hospitality. Nursing is a common career field, mostly chosen by cultured women in today’s society. Critical judgment and skills that base over ethics of the biological, physical, behavioral, and social sciences are required (American Nurses Association, 2004).

I was assigned as a leader over 4 students with a number of 2 patients per student. Before the actual clinical day, every student had to go to the hospital and choose their 2 patient’s allowance for diagnosis and medication on the next clinical day. All of them had to note their patients’ initial names, room numbers, diagnosis and medication history, age and time of medications.

My prime concern on an actual day was to schedule and manage all the necessary work with strict timeline compliance. I emphasized on the strategy of time management at first since effective leaders make the most out of their allotted time and are persistent about finishing the tasks time-efficiently. Time management played a vital role here. I prepared a to-do-list to note down all the points and made sure to fulfill them at my end. Although a few tasks like med-pass dragged and delayed the procedures yet as I checked off my list, my efforts continued without confusion and uncertainty.This worked more efficaciously for me to analyze and manage all the affairs with time control

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