Essay: Slave Traders

Essay: Slave Traders
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Antebellum slavery is explained better by Elkins that he has quoted great many experiences and has discovered slavery by comparing it with slaveries prevailing in many other cultures from antique time’s slavery to the slavery in Spanish, Dutch etc. cultures. Elkin has also emphasized on slave traders who were looked with contempt but even then the American slavery was not being deceived. He has gone around the slavery issues, have studied them well and presented an evolutional view of enslavement from antique times to colonial times.

His research has opened many doors to view his work so as to study this contentious topic having any ethnicity and racial background. It can be said that Elkin’s approach is anecdotal because his research is heavily based on his previous studies whose reflections are shown in his work whereas McPherson shows a small reflection of his researches (Linda, 2006).

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