Essay: Slavery Atrocities in the United States

Essay: Slavery Atrocities in the United States
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In addition to this the blacks were not allowed to get education or to provide education to their children. The blacks had no dispensation for offering their religious congregations and customs. In fact they were not allowed to worship without the limits. In northern side, blacks were not even allowed to hold books. No one amongst blacks was supposed to read books. The religious bible testaments and other worshipping objects were also not granted to them by their masters. Their presence used to be considered as spiritual steal away. There were no such autonomous rights for blacks in United States of America (Linda, 2006).

A very few good aftereffects were got by America in adopting Laissez faire capitalism and American government made few efforts to improve the slavery atrocity. According to McPherson in his text that capitalist approach and slavery are not at all compatible with each other and the capitalism can deteriorate the slavery. The government of United States did not notice dilemma of southern people but in north the demands were put over the south. A free labor approach of capitalism alarmed south that they have been overtaken by the north (McPherson, 2000).

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