Essay: Slavery Systems

Essay: Slavery Systems
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Coming to the point of view that Stanley Elkin shares in his text. He used to believe that the consequences of slavery must be problematic for the Americans. He would have no need to write the book if the problem was eradicated earlier. His perception about slavery was the evasion of feelings and creativity rather the domination of fear, brutality, and hostility. He has compared the different slavery systems in various parts of the world. He presented many aspects according to which system of slavery has not been new. Besides having the fact that it is an immoral practice, this practice has legal and cultural bindings as well.

Elkins have not discussed the situation of slaves that much but the system of slavery and the monopoly in colonial America. First there used to be both white and black servants on agreement. The rise of white servants and degradation of black servants to second-class citizens broke out the discrimination first. Soon enough the white servants began to be abolished and the discrimination factor increased even more (Elkins, 1976).

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