Essay: Social Networking Websites

Essay: Social Networking Websites
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Since the inception, web 2.0 has been a flash point for the business world. The question was whether it is applicable in business or not. The answer is the timeline between 2006, when web 2.0 attracted consumers’ attention, and the year 2011.

Social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, MySpace, Orkut and others have defined the market to business entities throughout the world. Advertising and social media walk together in the business world. Companies like IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Intel are all into solution selling because customers now prefer solutions rather than a response through a hard core product. These companies are the pioneers of web 2.0 business application. However this is not a one-sided show as there are mutual benefits involved, the fact that many corporate clients are still keen to seek solutions with a huge chunk of enterprise IT applications and contingent systems that are currently used in business operations (Hinchcliffe 2007).

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