Essay: Social Prosperity

Essay: Social Prosperity
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“The study of globalization has not been embraced as serious scholarship by “national and regional specialists [who] leave global concerns to others,”(Hopkins, 2002, p.92-112). Likewise, other historians and social scientists, specifically the ones with their research focusing on less significant countries and previous settlements, are precisely doubtful of an occurrence that seems to be common because the culture and politics along with the capitalist approach are all similar to Americanization.

Even before the concepts of socialism came into being, the methodical concentration was given to some of its aspects, but the exact concept was brought into technical journalism. This was introduced by Bourdieau (1983) and consequently it was evaluated at 3 levels. Bourdieau measured socialism as an independent source, demonstrating that it engages meticulous networks that alter “contingent relations, such as those of neighborhood, the workplace, or even kinship, into relationships that are at once necessary and elective, implying durable obligations subjectively felt” (1983, p. 249-250), associations that turn out to be gullible and optimistic, transforming into a entity based communal prosperity.

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