Essay: Social Responsibility of a Company

Essay: Social Responsibility of a Company
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Recently, however large and well known companies are moving away from such behaviour and adopting a more socially responsible approach in conducting their businesses in order to protect the reputation of the company as well the goodwill in the market. In this era of communication and technology where either a bad or good word of mouth does not take long to make or break a company’s reputation, most of the private sector organizations are no more primarily rent acquiring entities? (Lou Ann Di Nallo, 2008)

Consumers are more aware and with the day by day increasing level of competition in the business markets, they have more choice in terms of pricing and quality both. They are in a better position to make more rational choices about which company’s products they want to consume and will refrain from consuming products of a company that is known for its socially irresponsible and unethical behaviour. (Todd Green, 2011)

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