Essay: Social Responsibility

Essay: Social Responsibility
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Responsibility is a form of ideological or an ethical theory that forces a corporate, organization and individuals to be responsible to one another in the society. The responsibility can either be negative or positive, this will mean that its resistance stance or proactive stance respectively. Social; responsibility is not only linked to government actions and businesses but also is connected to the local societies/ communities and the activist groups. There normally exists a large magnitude of inequalities in reference to how different entities fulfill their responsibility, this further means that every given entity has got its specific responsibility which in most cases differs from each other.

The social responsibility is mostly voluntary and therefore it’s unconstitutional to be forced to carry out the social responsibilities. The social responsibility is geared towards ideas that are proactive towards the existing problems in the society instead of the ideas that are reactive to the problems. The social responsibility entails the elimination of the unethical conducts in the society such as corruption and immorality,

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