Essay: Sociological Perspectives on Health Care

Essay: Sociological Perspectives on Health Care
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Death and disease will always be universal problems faced by society. In an effort to combat these two eventualities society has always developed means by which to control the health of the mind, body and soul of its populace. The influence of western cultures on developing nations has formed several institutionalized complex health systems in the last 30 years. The health system of the United States has been discussed in several documentaries. One of the most successful among them is the movie known as Sicko.

Since its release in 2007 by American film-maker Michael Moore it has attracted praise and protest alike from fans, policy specialists and critics. It is widely known for its special consideration to insurance and pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. It also compares the non-profit social health care system used in countries such as Canada, France, Cuba and the United Kingdom with the insurance driven care in the United States. This essay will analyze the film Sicko using three sociological perspectives based on conflict theory, functionalism and Symbolic Inter-actionist perspective.

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