Essay: Solving Computers through the Internet

Essay: Solving Computers through the Internet
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In today’s world, the Internet has become the medium of choice for many businesses. It offers them the ability to conduct their business in the room of their customer, by providing an interactive catalog of their products, secure methods for selling as well as providing after sales support. When an organization considers conducting their businesses on the Internet, an important aspect that is considered is whether their application will be hosted by a third party or by the organization itself. Though, third party hosting offer freedom from technical and maintenance issues related to site hosting as well as financial constraints, much organization chose to host their application on one of their own servers. Hosting an Internet application requires a lot of considerations that need to be made related to the required resource. In this paper, we provide a detail discussion of these considerations and make recommendations toward the end of the report.

Introduction to the Scenario

The given scenario is an about a company, which sells computer and provides after sales support to their customers by troubleshooting their computers. In this scenario, the company is considering providing the troubleshooting service over the Internet by hosting the application on its server and need to know what resource options available as well as a recommendation on making the right choice for these resources.

Business Problems

In providing an offsite business, the company could face a number of issues with regarding installation, running, and maintenance of the service. With regards to server configuration and low-cost configuration would not only hamper the performance of applications but it could also bring the service application down altogether. An internet connection also plays an important role in keeping the quality of service. Choosing the wrong connection could mean the service being underutilized on a constant basis while it can also result in denial of service to many of the customers. Furthermore, the nature of the troubleshooting application would require access to customers’ computer as well as take control of his desktop. These services would also tremendously increase the load on the connection. In addition, there is also the challenge of providing security to the connection in order to gain the confidence of the customer, as well as securing the server itself in order to protect confidential information that it stores. There is also the problem of backup storage as well as providing power backup in order to ensure 100% uptime for their servers.

Business Impact

The quality and reliability of the troubleshooting service are of utmost importance both to the customer and to the company. If the service has a long delay between communication of troubleshooting team and the customer, the task may not be performed efficiently. This would not only cause trouble for the troubleshooting team as they would constantly have to wait between tasks for them to be completed as well as customers, which would be very dissatisfied with the service. Furthermore, a denial of connection is also a major setback for the company’s business, as repeated denial could make the existing customer switch to some other service, causing the company lack of business. Almost, all computer users are aware of the security issues that could be involved in such services, therefore, a customer may not choose to select the company for troubleshooting over an insecure connection. This would not only deny company’s business opportunities but would also cause bad marketing and bring disrepute to the company.  Power outages may not only deny services to incoming and existing customers, it can also damage the devices inside the server (such as hard disk), which would cost significant money for a replacement. Furthermore, the company should also take measure to protect the data it has on the server, as a compromise could lead to severe company losses as well as the major decline in company’s position in the market.

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