Essay: Southern Gardens Citrus

Essay: Southern Gardens Citrus
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Southern Gardens Citrus utilized the Balanced Scorecard strategy to generate a competent business environment and achieve overall organizational transformation. Southern Gardens as of currently is a successor of a Hall of Fame award presented by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Hall of Fame. Tristan Chapman is the Vice President and General Manager of Southern Gardens who actually figures out what changes need to be implemented at Southern Gardens. The company implemented cross-functional management teams in order to figure out these aspects of change.

The Balanced Scorecard BSC provides the ideal structure for the business to attain optimistic outcomes (Kaplan, 2005). Chapman aligned the company’s mission to its performance level with the help of the Balanced Scorecard strategy. This way Chapman enabled the provision of precise advice on the level of performance of the business, and control focus on areas that need to be developed. This tool was also utilized by Southern Gardens to inspire its workers to work in accordance to augmenting the company’s worth to the stakeholders, recompense all workers who do extremely well in their jobs, and allow Southern Gardens to draw from the market and keep the best aptitude accessible (Gumbus & Lussier, 2006). Bonus awards, aligned operations, strategic importance were soaring at Southern Gardens in lieu of the corporate Balanced Scorecard implemented in the company.

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