Essay: Southern Garden’s Elemental Requirement

Essay: Southern Garden’s Elemental Requirement
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There has been a considerable change observed in Southern Garden’s elemental requirement and the results had risen up to “99.86% in 2002 from 70% in 1995” (Gumbus & Lussier, 2006). Low-cost provision of their citrus products was an overall focus of Southern Gardens and at the same time, it was engaged in giving increased profits to the stakeholders.

After reading Niven’ (2010) views I opinionate that since the company’s mission was to provide top quality yet increasing their “Profit per customer,” Southern Gardens was just another company that has implemented the BSC strategy to gauge their business performance from the customer’s aspect. The evident changes that were looked into were loading timeliness, services provided to customers and provision of specified products and services to the customers (Gumbus & Lussier, 2006).  If I was to suggest an improvement in the company’s overall strategy I would like to point out the limited product variety is one major aspect which has been overlooked. I would have concentrated extensive efforts to increase the product line in order to provide the customers with a diverse range of products and not just one product at ‘incredibly low prices’.

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